I like script format, action tag, or paragraph and under posts (lots of tradeoff, no unnecessary padding). Not looking for smut but not shy about content in general. I only want to play my own preexisting characters but you're free to do whatever you'd like. Their setting is kind of a comic-book-y modern city. I like a focus on conversation and relationship building over playing out a plotline but I'm happy to plot with you. My characters all have relation to each other, so the plot can keep moving by switching characters around if you like that. I'm pretty easygoing so yeah, just let me know if you're interested.

I'm also interested in joining play-by-post games or other online group roleplaying games that I can fit into my schedule.

Hi! I'm Glace, a 20-something-year-old vaguely creative type. I've been RPing casually for like 15 years and my hunger for having interactions with my characters is basically endless.

You can contact me on whatever site might've brought you here or on Discord at GlaceLeau#7607. I'm most active at night in the PST timezone and work mondays-fridays full-time.

About post length/type

I'm really more easygoing than all these words imply! (I have a site for this because I am a person who likes clear directions and also not having to write everything out every time I go looking helps lessen the sting of rejection. ) I'd like to RP with others who are easygoing about it, preferably around my own age (ie not minors, sorry!) I write slowly (writing is not my passion, characters interacting are) and vastly prefer short casual posts, preferably in script/action tag format. I don't mind if you like to be more verbose, but I don't want to spend forever (I'm a slow writer) fluffing up my writing to get across the same amount of repliable content. I know that a lot of people really enjoy writing narrative and I respect that! But for me, long posts tend to fall into either 80% introspection you can't actually have a character respond to, a monologue where no one can jump in because it would invalidate half the post, or characters having three concurrent conversations in different paragraphs.

A few lines of dialogue and an action or two is average for me. I'm not here to show off my writing quality and won't judge you for yours. That's not to say that posts never get long when the situation demands it, though! I just don't want to stress about it anymore. More tradeoff is more fun, and I just concentrate on the actions instead of the narrative. I make it a point to include something I can imagine how to respond to every time. Ideally, in script format, I can do a few replies a day each day. Paragraph posts take longer because I have to get myself into a "writing" mindset for them.

I'm probably looking for 1x1 RPs but I'd look at groups too. There are a few world and setting elements my characters need but otherwise it's pretty flexible.

About characters/content

Pretty much all of my enjoyment in RPing is just from letting my characters interact with people. Not just any characters, specifically my OCs that I want to play. I'll bring in side characters when it's necessary and the situation demands it, but I pretty much just want to focus on the characters I want to play. I'm good with you playing fandom characters or canons, as long as I don't have to know all about them or their world beforehand. (I love talking to you about your OCs though!)

To be upfront: I'm not looking to RP a romance and smut is VERY unlikely to happen. I'm not especially romantically/sexually inclined and my main characters consist of a committed couple and an asexual guy. That said, I'm not shy about generally adult content, unless you are underage or underage characters are involved obviously. My characters can be crude and frank when it comes to discussing sex and violence, though; let me know about your limits!

At risk of sounding boring, my favorite thing to RP is conversation. I like characters meeting and talking and seeing where the relationship (not necessarily romantic) builds from there. I get bored jumping from plot point to plot point without characters having a chance to communicate about what's happening.

About the setting

The general setting for my characters is modern-day, probably America, with some comic-book/exaggerated sensibilities. My characters are human and my version of the world doesn't involve magic, but if you have supernatural characters/elements you want to use that can integrate with a generally real-world/modern setting that's cool. My characters live in a city they've all lived in for a long time. They're all involved with a crime family that's well-established and relatively unchallenged but not the only one in town. Everything else is pretty free to play with!

BASICALLY, I just want to throw my characters together with your characters and see what happens. If you're still interested, onward!

My characters


Daniel is Tennant's 42-year-old personal bodyguard. He's hardworking, reserved and generally very detached, but genuinely well-intentioned. He doesn't tend to speak unless spoken to, but can be surprisingly sarcastic if he is. He's fiercely loyal and protective, but needs pushing to get close to anything, and doesn't do much to take care of himself. Basically, he's had a rough time and he's just trying to get by and scrape some enjoyment out of life. He likes to help and most of the time he gets along with people easily, but it you do something he doesn't agree with you can be sure he'll let you know. He gets on best with people who are either very outgoing and can banter with him or very thoughtful.

Tennant is the 39-year-old head of a prostitution ring and second-in-command of the Uccello crime family. He's a slimeball but outwardly generally pretty sweet and charming. He has a reputation for being kind and generous to the employees who behave correctly and has a way of making people feel comfortable. His exaggerated flamboyant and Southern persona isn't as fake as his sweetness, though; he's naturally tough, cruel and distrustful, and he isn't afraid to prove that he can be that way. If you get to know him, he's rambunctious and argumentative but also naturally cheerful and loyal. He gets on best with people who can ground him and stand up for themselves.

Daniel and Tennant are a long-time couple and, because of their jobs, are around each other about 75% of the time. If you start roleplaying with one of them you will definitely meet the other soon. They're also not about to break up. They can be found in all kinds of fun, sleazy locations, but particularly a high-end strip club that Tennant runs. Tennant is well-known locally, but Daniel isn't, and the fact that they're romantically involved isn't common knowledge either. It's very hard to tell how these guys are going to take to anyone until it happens but they're out for a good time and I like playing them with pretty much anyone.

Vague ideas for starters with Daniel and/or Tennant:
Your character (YC) is a suspicious neighbor. YC is someone they knew in the past - maybe someone Tennant screwed over. YC is a new employee at the club. YC has a business proposition. YC stumbles onto them doing something illegal. YC catches a moment of weakness. YC is caught in some crossfire with them. YC meets Daniel alone at the bar - maybe one of them recognizes the other. Any of your ideas also welcome! Ask me about my Tennant-is-a-vampire AU. I'm into it and open to all your vampire ideas.

These characters I'm less interested in, but they're here for your consideration anyway. Maybe they pique your interest, or you have an idea that involves more characters.


Conchita is a 41-year-old former women's middleweight wrestling champion and Tennant's elusive (marriage of convenience) wife. After a good career in the sport of her choice, she's usurped the small crime ring from the brothers who arranged her career and marriage and has decided to put it to use as more of an less-than-above-ground charitable organization that helps people in legal or medical trouble. She's a model for Tennant's personality, essentially the person he wants to be. I've never gotten far into a roleplay with her, so she's still forming as a clear entity in my head, but I'd love to talk out ideas with her.

Wesley is the 24-year-old son of a mob boss who is not at all cut out to be that. He's kind of bratty, antisocial and constantly afraid. He avoids association with his father as much as possible, living about 30 minutes out of town in a very private property. He's quite lonely and has terrible self-esteem, but hasn't figured out how to deal with that. He's a falconer and spends about all of his time either held up in his house or out hunting with his birds. He gets on best with people who are gentle with him.

He's harder to start a thread with than the others because he's so private. He might meet someone hunting out in the woods, or doing errands in town. They might recognize him either through association with his father or because he was involved in a high-profile kidnapping a few years ago. He's not actively looking for friends but he needs them, and looking for a romantic relationship even less. I like antagonizing him (and all of my characters) but honestly he's in such a bad place to begin with I'd really like him to have someone who'll help and support him rather than just a bad abusive relationship. He's the most genuinely good out of any of these guys.

Vague ideas for starters with Wes:
YC is doing something in the woods they didn't want anyone to see and Wes stumbles onto it. Wes needs to keep a secret. YC recognizes Wes in public and wants something from him. Any of your ideas also welcome!

Jilles is a 27-year-old mob bodyguard/lackey with a genetic condition that gives him metal-controlling powers that are sometimes cool but mostly come with a lot of migraines, nausea and a bad prognosis. He's kind of scary but the world's biggest pushover (unless he's been given orders) and extremely nice (unless he's been given orders). Despite his niceness, he can be overly serious and dour, which combined with his scariness keeps him from making a lot of close friends. He keeps trying though. He's quite submissive and gets on best with people who are more spirited than him and push him along. He's easy to fluster but hard to scare, and extremely easy to manipulate.

He might meet people in normal social situations (getting coffee, etc.), at a hospital, or on the job. He's often assigned to guard people of a courtesy because his bosses consider him very trustworthy. He's also often sent to rattle people because he can be very intimidating. He's the only one of my characters actively seeking a relationship and is pretty straight. Some of the kinds of roles I'd like to see with him would be a romantic partner, a caretaker type, surrogate family/a kid he grows protective of, or (especially) someone who'll manipulate and use the hell out of him.

Someone very different:
Myr is a young goblin who recently fled their planet to avoid the draft. A skilled tailor and a slightly-less-skilled gambling addict.

Impetuous, impulsive and unambitious, as goblins tend to be, but generally kind and good-natured. Social and excitable, but also rather skittish. Thoughtful and generally good at reading people, and has a strong mistrust of authority. Not terribly honest. Eats out of the garbage and sleeps a lot. Tries not to offend, but has a tendency to do so (or to unnerve) others due to their confusion with alien social conventions. Hits on others indiscriminately, considers dead bodies as usable materials and is incredibly unsentimental.

Myr doesn't belong in the same setting as the others because they were made for an AU in another RP. Because of this, I have absolutely no idea what to do with them outside of that. Maybe you do, though!

So, yeah. Lemme know if you're interested in trying something out with me! Or just talk about characters you have that you might want to bounce off of mine.