Hello, I'm Glace and I want you to draw my OCs


I am looking for:

  • Preferably art of Daniel and/or Tennant, but others are okay too!
  • Sketchy or finished art, digital or traditional
  • Experimental stuff, weird poses/expressions/scenarios, even (especially) if it makes them look less "cool"
  • Fun cartoony doodles
  • Sketch pages, I really love these
  • Pixel art
  • Single- or multiple-character art
  • Art that works well for desktops and device backgrounds (i.e. fills its space well and is of decent resolution)

I'm not looking for:

  • Heavily referenced faces (from photos or other drawings)
  • Styles that make characters look very young/feminine/similar
  • Chibis with one-size-fits-all features
  • Art that looks just mine



Tennant's bodyguard. Hopelessly in love, even after all this time. Self-destructive but getting better. Good-natured but willing to excuse more than he should. Been through hell and smokes a lot.



Flashy Southern right-hand man of a crime family (left hand only). Puts on his personality, but really does love his friends. Masochist. In a longtime stable relationship with his bodyguard.



Feel free to draw things not on these lists; they are just pose/concept suggestions in case they help. Click the tabs for character-specific ideas.

Top thoughts at the moment
  • Tennant as a vampire
  • Outfit design for a Dungeons and Dragons human warlock version of Tennant
  • Daniel and Tennant in actual cute couple poses (hugging/kissing/etc.)
  • Conchita and Tennant hanging out/having tea
  • Daniel actually being relaxed
  • Different outfits/fashion